What is a FlighTowel™?

The FlighTowel™ was created specifically for disc golfers.  It's an amazing microfiber towel that allows the golfer to warm-up their arm before they throw.  With a built in resistance pocket and fob made from a real disc, there's nothing quite like it!

How do I use a FlighTowel™?

Using a FlighTowel™ to warm-up is simple.  Grip the fob like you would a disc, then go through your normal throwing routine.  Remember that slow is smooth, so take your time on each reach back.  You will feel resistance from the bottom pocket on the towel when your form comes into line.

How is a FlighTowel™ made?

Each FlighTowel™ is made in a small shop at our home in Oregon.  From the cutting of the fobs to the sewing of the towels, everything is done on a small scale.  We create each FlighTowel™ by hand and take a great deal of pride in our work. 


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