The Sportsman

Introducing the The Sportsman by FlighTowel: Your Ultimate Outdoor Companion!

Key Features:

  1. Premium Microfiber: Crafted from 400gsm weight waffle weave microfiber cloth, The Sportsman is soft, absorbent, and durable. It’s designed to handle the toughest outdoor adventures with ease.
  2. Design:  This towel is built differently. It uniquely hangs from the center, so you get all the drying power of a large towel with half the footprint. A stainless-steel washer sits inside the towel to give the attach point unparalleled strength compared to a normal grommet in a towel. No tearing the grommet out of this bad boy, it’s built to last.
  3. Generous Size: At approximately 24" x 24", this towel provides ample coverage. Whether you’re wiping down your sports gear, cleaning the bait from your hands, or drying off the dog after a swim, The Sportsman has you covered.
  4. Versatility: More than just a towel, The Sportsman is a multitasker. Use it to:
    • Keep your golf clubs and ball dry and clean out on the course.
    • Wipe down your hunting equipment to prevent rust.
    • Keep your hands dry and clean while fishing, no more bait all over your pants.
    • Soak up spills in the car when the kids get wild.
    • Drying off the football during a rainy practice session so you can grip it.
    • Pretty much anything you need a super absorbent bad-ass towel for.
  5. Built for Outdoorsmen: Whether you’re a hiker, angler, camper, hunter or golfer, The Sportsman is your trusty sidekick. Clip it to your backpack, stash it in your tackle box, or even keep it handy right on your beltloop. The perfect towel for any outdoor adventure you can throw at it.

Why Choose The Sportsman?

  • Quality Craftsmanship:  The Sportsman is meticulously crafted by hand in in the Pacific Northwest with materials source from around the planet. We take pride in our small-scale production, ensuring top-notch quality and attention to detail in every product.
  • The Best Materials: We source the best materials we can find. We want our towels to perform flawlessly for you every time you use them. You can feel the quality in our products.
  • Built to Last: This isn’t some throw away towel, the quality is second to none. We fully expect you to use this towel for years to come. If you ever feel your towel has failed before you received your monies worth from it, contact us and we’ll make it right.

Get The Sportsman by FlighTowel Today!

Whether you’re hitting the fairways or exploring the wilderness, The Sportsman is your go-to companion. Don’t settle for ordinary towels—choose the one that’s as adventurous as you are! You’re going to love this towel!

The Sportsman - Green
The Sportsman - Green
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The Sportsman - Gray (COMING SOON)
The Sportsman - Gray (COMING SOON)
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The Sportsman - Black (COMING SOON)
The Sportsman - Black (COMING SOON)
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