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Run Maker by Discineer

What Is the Run Maker?

The Run Maker is a compact and ingenious disc golf mini marker designed to enhance your game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, this little gem packs a punch. Let’s break down its features:

  1. Distance Accuracy: The Run Maker isn’t your average mini marker. It’s a precision rangefinder that helps you gauge your putting distance. No more guessing or pacing off feet—just whip out the Run Maker and get an instant read on how far you are from the basket whether it be 20’, C1, or C2.
  2. Circle’s Edge Confidence: At approximately 33 feet (the circle’s edge), the Run Maker is dialed in. It’s like having a caddy whispering, “You’re in the circle, just worry about the putt!” Whether you’re sinking a birdie or going for par, trust the Run Maker to help gauge your distance.
  3. Built Tough: Crafted in Michigan from real Innova mini marker discs, the Run Maker is built to last. You will get years of use from this disc golf tool. It’s your dependable sidekick, ready for any adventure out there on the course.
  4. Time-Saver: Imagine the time saved during a round. No more walking off distances, squinting at baskets, or second-guessing. The Run Maker streamlines your game, leaving more room for high-fives and victory dances.

How do I use a Run Maker?

  1. Positioning:
    • Extend your arm fully toward the basket.
    • Hold up the Run Maker at eye level, aligning it between you and the pin.
  2. Alignment:
    • Line up the bottom indicator on the Run Maker with the top of the basket cage.
    • This ensures that you’re aiming accurately toward the basket.
  3. Distance Estimation:
    • Observe where the top of the chains (or bottom of the band) lies on the Run Maker.
    • The indicated distance corresponds to your putting distance.
  4. Elevation Considerations:
    • Keep in mind that elevation changes affect accuracy.

Get Your Run Maker Today!

Don’t settle for mediocrity in your mini marker. Don’t let those missed putts haunt your dreams. The Discineer Run Maker is waiting for you. Grab one, channel your inner champion, and let the birdies rain down like confetti.

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