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This FlighTowel fob is made using an "Latitude 64 Saint".  The premium plastic makes a wonderful fob, and at a speed 9 rating it's prefect for those looking for a fairway driver rim on their FlighTowel.  Pick your favorite color towel and enjoy the premium look and feel of this FlighTowel!

All FlighTowels are eligible for the Trash Panda Disc Golf print for only $3 more.  By selecting this print you are helping Trash Panda Disc Golf continue to make advancements in manufacturing discs from recycled plastic, plus a portion of each sale will go to #TEAMSEAS to aid in removing plastic from our oceans!  Get an awesome print and help the sustainability of our sport all at once, it does not get much better than that.

This FlighTowel is also eligible for our Johne McCray, Nathan Queen, or Serenity Madison Tour Series print for only $3 more! $6 from the sale of each of these unique towels goes directly back to the player to help fund their touring efforts, and you get some awesome artwork to enjoy on your new FlighTowel. May your next round be amazing! #growthesport

All RECYCLED FlighTowel fobs have been used on course. Each one comes with some well-earned scrapes, dings, and ink. Any major damage is cut around by our fob-smiths, so it feels normal in the hand. All other FlighTowel fobs are created from defective or misprinted discs.

This FlighTowel is for a right hand backhand player.

To keep your new FlighTowel product working great every time you hit the course, please DO NOT use fabric softeners.  We recommend a machine wash / air dry process for washing our towels to get the best results.

Each FlighTowel is hand crafted in small batches using a real disc for the fob and a fantastic microfiber towel.  We take a great deal of pride in every FlighTowel we produce, these are made by disc golfers, for disc golfers.  They truly are a disc golf towel like no other... 

We are a disc golf towel manufacturer.  While our product does contain a piece of a real disc, we are not associated with any one certain disc golf disc manufacturer.  The name of the disc used and added link is there for informational purposes only. 

Customer Reviews

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Cory Plowman
Incredible warmup tool

The flightowel is perfect for warming up before a round and staying warm during rounds where you may have backups. As someone who has dealt with shoulder injuries I can’t say enough how important it is to properly warm up. On top of warming up the towel gives you feedback on your “swing”. You can feel in real time if you’re hitting the “sweet spot” in your throw with the pocket that’s sewn in to add resistance.

Ronnie Ring
Best warm up tool in disc golf

Amazing quality and practical. Can't say enough about these. I will definitely be picking up a couple more.

Great Warmup Tool

Absolutely love my FlighTowel Righties for stretching, warming up, and as a training tool. Bonus, it comes in my favourite mold so I get the same hand feel warming up as I do on the tee!

I carry at least two of these in my bag at all times. One for warming up and stretching and one to lend to friends who always ask about it. Also, since it is a towel after all, it’s good to have more than one for when the skies open up.

Amazing moisture wicking and construction is bulletproof. What else could you are for !?

Wyatt Mahoney
Best way to warm-up!

I have been using flightowels since the beginning. I find the towells not only dry my discs off real well but also what I find most valuable is that it is a tool to warm up my arm without needing a disc or net or any other type of equipment.

Colton stoops
Great multi-purpose must have!

These are a must have for every disc golf round! They're great for warming up before you throw, the amazing drag and snap truly replicates throwing a disc and having the disc fob to old gets your muscles loosened and ready to play. On top of all that, the micro fiber towel is vital, especially during the wet rounds. It works great at keeping your disc's dry and dries rather quickly when it's over. Great product for sure. Try one!

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