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    From the FlighTowel 3D Shop comes an amazing addition for your Zuca cart... Our Cart Stud and Phone Mount!  This setup is a beast.  It starts with a custom made base that has a standard 1/4 20 stainless steel stud protruding from it.  That alone is pretty awesome, you can attach so many different photo mounts to it.  It's so versatile!  Next we added in a beefy ball mount that allows you to swivel your phone to whatever position you like.  With a twist of the knob you can go from portrait to landscape mode, and every angle in between.  Finally, all this leads up to the phone mount itself.  This aluminum mount is stout and accepts phones from 2.5" - 3.5" wide, making it perfect for phones with or even without a case (we highly recommend a case though).  

     What you end up with is a phone mount for your cart that will actually hold up to a round of disc golf.  We take a great deal of pride in all our products and have tested this setup on the most rugged courses in Oregon.  It performs so well, we know you are going to love it.

NOTE:  Please watch this installation video before attempting to install the base and phone mount.  Hit us up on our website CHAT with any questions before or during installation, we will get back to you ASAP. This cart stud and phone mount will only fit ZUCA brand disc golf carts. 

INSTALLATION NOTE:  Tighten down the top nut during installation more than you think it needs to be.  It should be very tight, the cart stud should not wiggle at all once installed.  If your guide tab ever breaks off it's okay, it is not needed to keep the cart stud secure.  In this case, just hold the base while tightening the top nut. If you have any questions just hit me up.  - Scott Bresee

Customer Reviews

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Ronnie Ring
Quality phone mount

This is an great phone mount for a Zuca cart. Fits perfect and is very well built. Perfect for getting great shots during solo rounds without a tripod. You can adjust and tighten down to get multiple angles. Convenient and well placed. Doesnt get it the way while rolling around the course. Definitely glad I picked this up.

Adrian Lewis
Amazing product

This is everything I wanted and more. I've been looking at different ways to record while I play. I looked at tripods, orphone holders on amazon but nothing worked. This product is easy to install and totally works on any Zuca cart. I would recommend this product to any and everyone.

Colton stoops
Top-notch phone mount!

This phone mount is one of the top of the line holders, easy to install and secures your phone in place without a risk of losing it during your rounds. Being above the handle makes it even better when it comes to recording your shots and making videos, it keeps the handle out of frame and always focuses on the shots.


This is a must have for filming content of any kind or having proof of those solo round aces! Holds the phone tight as well! My cart has been knocked over a couple of times, but the phone didn’t budge! Also great if you don’t like keeping your phone in your pocket during rounds!


Quality of phone mount is great. Easy to install as well

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