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If you're a right hand backhand thrower, you are in the right place!  Our original FlighTowels have been designed to be a versatile tool out on the disc golf course, and even away from it.  Take your towel warm-up routine to the next level with our unique fob (handle) and towel design.  Grab the fob, pull the towel straight through, and you'll feel the pocket open and give you resistance during your warm-up.  Great for before your round, perfect for tournament delays to stay warmed-up, and awesome for practicing your form away from the course.  Add in that these microfiber towels absorb water wonderfully and the fob fits perfectly in your back pocket during your round, and this disc golf towel is a must have! 

Take a look our great selection of right handed FlighTowels below, there's sure to be one that you'll love.  Check back often as our inventory changes frequently.  If you see something you like, don't hesitate too long or it might be gone!

FlighTowel™      FlighTowel™      FlighTowel™

Choosing your new FlighTowel™ is easy.  Just select the fob that you like below, then select your favorite towel color to go along with it and add it to your cart.  You can use the FILTER BY drop-down to narrow your search, this makes it a little easier to find what you are looking for.  Thank you so much for checking us out, may your next round be amazing!  #flightowel #nobadrounds #inspirediscgolf #smallbusiness

NOTE:  To keep your new FlighTowel product working great every time you hit the course, please DO NOT use fabric softeners.  We recommend a machine wash / air dry process for washing our towels to get the best results.

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