TEAM FlighTowel Heat Transfers

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If you're looking to show off your love of FlighTowel, we've got you covered!  These beautiful vinyl heat transfers look absolutely amazing on just about anything and instantly increase the value of whatever they are added to.  Just choose your favorite color and which size you would like and we'll get them shipped out ASAP.  PLEASE NOTE: The FlighTowel Logo will have TEAM at the end written vertically just like our current TEAM FlighTowel Logo. 

NOTE:  If you've never installed a heat transfer before (or need a refresher), please check out at about the 3 minute mark for some great application instructions.  After applying your heat transfer be sure to wait 24 hours before washing your garment and turn your garment inside out when washing.  There isn't really a second chance when it comes to heat transfer vinyl stickers, but they look amazing once in place.

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