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With every FlighTowel being cut by hand, sometimes things go wrong.  These seconds will perform just like the originals, just with some unique traits. Be it something in the plastic that we couldn't cut around, a rivet hole that was drilled too deep, or the slip of a sanding wheel during cleanup; these fobs will show a defect. 

Since you've decided to give these misfit FlighTowels a home and save them from a landfill, we teamed up with Jesse at Trash Panda Disc Golf once again to give you an awesome print on each one. 

PLEASE NOTE: The fob mold, fob color, and towel color of each of these FlighTowels will be random.

This FlighTowel is for a right hand backhand player.

NOTE:  To keep your new FlighTowel product working great every time you hit the course, please DO NOT use fabric softeners.  We recommend a machine wash / air dry process for washing our towels to get the best results.

Each FlighTowel is hand crafted in small batches using a real disc for the fob and a fantastic microfiber towel.  We take a great deal of pride in every FlighTowel we produce, these are made by disc golfers, for disc golfers.  They truly are a disc golf towel like no other... 

We are a disc golf towel manufacturer.  While our product does contain a piece of a real disc, we are not associated with any one certain disc golf disc manufacturer.  The name of the disc used and added link is there for informational purposes only. 


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