FlighTowel™ - Axiom Mayhem - Orange Fob

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This orange on orange FlighTowel fob is made using an "Axiom Mayhem" in the always beautiful Proton Metal Flake Plastic!  The premium plastic makes a wonderful fob and these look absolutely amazing!  At a speed 13 rating it's prefect for those looking for a beefy rim on their FlighTowel, so get yours before they sell out!!

This FlighTowel is for a left hand backhand player.

Each FlighTowel is hand crafted in small batches using a real disc for the fob and a fantastic microfiber towel.  We take a great deal of pride in every FlighTowel we produce, these are made by disc golfers, for disc golfers.  They truly are a disc golf towel like no other... 

We are a disc golf towel manufacturer.  While our product does contain a piece of a real disc, we are not associated with any one certain disc golf disc manufacturer.  The name of the disc used and added link is there for informational purposes only. 

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