Shayna Schuermann

 Shayna Schuermann
Name Shayna Schuermann
Nickname Shay
PDGA Number 148441
Division AM
How long have you been playing disc golf? August 2020
How did you get your start in disc golf? My lovely husband introduced me to the sport.
What do you love most about the sport? Oh, so many reasons to list! First has to be that it is something we can do and enjoy together as a family (my husband, son and me). Second is the DG community! Such a positive, uplifting, close knit group of people who support one another in all facets. I've met so many wonderful, kind and genuine people, some who are now dear friends! Third would have to be the competitive outlet disc golf provides. I was huge into playing sports growing up, some college, and disc golf has filled that void for me in adulthood. Fourth, the travel! My disc golf tournaments have taken me all over WA state, as well as into CA and ID, and soon to be UT (hopefully), AZ and LV. Last but not least is the health benefits (physical, mental and spiritual), it keeps me active awhile enjoying mother nature's beauty.
How do you approach a new course? Whether tournament or casual round, if I have the time I'll walk it to see the lay of the land and then practice playing it. Or go with someone who has played it before and have them answer my questions hole to hole. Otherwise, if going in blind I try to see the lines, and any obstacles (OB, hazards, etc.) at each hole. I then visualize a hole at a course I have played that is similar so I can select the appropriate disc/shape of my shot. If it is a tournament round there is usually a caddy book I can refer to, and I've also used YouTube for viewing video footage of a course and watch how others played it.
What motivates you to continually improve your game? My competitive nature, and for the fact that I am always striving for self-betterment and growth in all I do in this short life. A wise person once said to me "if you stop moving you'll rust". So, as long as I am playing then I am moving and fingers crossed, I won't rust! Like others I've witnessed, I'm inspired that I'll be playing disc golf well into my 70's (or older!). My moto is #nolimits
What’s your most memorable win? It was the Championship for the WA State Women's Disc Golf Series called Rise of the Chain Maidens at Lucky Mud Disc Golf Course. Three of us were battling back and forth in R1 and R2, and at the end of R3 myself and another were tied so we had to break it in a sudden death playoff. My nerves had gotten the better of me before, so I made sure to put them in check and just play my game. I ended up taking the win after hole 2, and simultaneously clinched the 1st place FA3 finish for the women's series. It was a surreal moment and a very proud accomplishment of mine.
What are your top three favorite discs? Currently (it changes as my game develops) they are: 1. Jade (by Latitude 64, Gold Plastic) 2. Meteor (by Discraft, VVD tour series) 3. Koi (by Elevation) - such a versatile disc
What are your top three courses you have played? Lucky Mud DGR - Skamokawa, WA Kayak Point DGR - Stanwood, WA South Fork DGC - North Bend, WA
What do you love most about your FlighTowel? How versatile they are! I have a Righties for warming up, and a bunch of mini's for drying discs, my hands, whatever that simply attach to my bag/cart in various ways/locations. They are customizable and for as many times as I have washed them are holding up beautifully! If you don't have FlighTowel in your life, you are def missing out in not having this accessory as part of your DG game!
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