Rebecca Haller

Becca Haller
Name Rebecca Haller
Nickname Becca
PDGA Number 167852
Division AM
How long have you been playing disc golf? 1 year
How did you get your start in disc golf? When I first heard about disc golf, I refused to play. I thought it looked boring. A few years later, we ended up on vacation at a lodge with a course and a friend taught us the game. I was instantly hooked and wished I would have played when I first heard about it years earlier!
What do you love most about the sport? The physical activity and time spent in nature, the constant desire to improve and the friendships made with other players. There is so much to love about this sport!
What makes disc golf better than the other sports you have played? The community is unique and awesome! It's also a sport that anybody can play at their own pace while enjoying the outdoors. It's great for your body and soul - I think of disc golf as a healer and a life enhancer.
How do you approach a new course? I feel like my best rounds are played at new courses. I think it's because I'm extra focused and really thinking out disc selection, lines, etc.
What motivates you to continually improve your game? That's just who I am. I love to have something to work toward and disc golf gives me that. I don't think I'll ever feel like I can't improve - its one of the things I love about the game.
What do you do to stay focused playing in tourneys? I plan ahead with course practice, disc and line selection. I know exactly what I'm going to do when I step up to each teepad and in most situations that might come up. This takes a lot of thought out of that part of the game and allows me to stay fresh and focused on every shot. Pre-shot and putting routines also help a lot.
What’s your most memorable win? So far, taking second place in my first tournament (WGE) with lots of competition was a great feeling. I had only been playing a few months and had a round rating of over 800. I was also top 25 nationwide in my division.
What’s your most memorable disc golf moment? Oregon Women's State Championships. So many highs and lows. Found myself in the fight for the win until the last round when I made some big mistakes near the end. I learned a lot during that round and grew as a player.
What are your top three favorite discs? Streamline Pilot Discraft Zone Discmania Origin
What are your top three courses you have played? Bryant Park, Adair Park and Buxton - all in Oregon.
If you could play any course in the world, which would it be? Maple Hill!
Who is your disc golf hero, and how were you influenced be him or her? Kevin Jones is not just a good golfer.. his character is something special. He takes tough breaks in stride, is professional and kind and represents the sport well - all qualities I find important and hope to portray as well.
Whats in the bag? A mix - mostly Westside, some Discmania, Discraft, Innova, Latitude and Streamline.
What non-disc golf hobbies do you have? In the summer, I love to kayak, ride jet skis, swim - anything on the water. I also like to sing and play guitar. But mostly, I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my daughters and husband.
Any superstitions you have before or during a round? Nope!
What does #NoBadRounds mean to you? I feel like there's always a good take-away, regardless of the score. A lesson to be learned, a skill to be focused on for future improvement, a win to highlight and fun to be had.
What do you love most about your FlighTowel? The resistance pockets allow for realistic indoor practice. It's made well and it's also great for drying discs fast during rainy rounds - I'm a towel snob and FlighTowel just works faster and better. It's also simple to incorporate during warm ups and for stretching.
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