Lucas Latta

Lucas Latta
Name Lucas Latta
PDGA Number 115398
Division PRO
How long have you been playing disc golf? 10 years
How did you get your start in disc golf? My brother came home from California and wanted to take me to this place called a disc golf park and i didn't know what it was. He bought me a DX Roc and a DX Aviar and took me to the course. After playing 1 round we played 3 more and from that point on i was hooked and knew i wanted to do this forever. We then took my dad out and he was hooked too!
What do you love most about the sport? Getting to meet new people and getting to compete against new people at every tournament. The joy i get to bring people when introducing the sport to them and teaching them what its all about. I also enjoy getting out everyday and playing new courses and meeting new people.
What makes disc golf better than the other sports you have played? Disc golf always has something new and exciting whether its meeting new people or smashing aces! Disc Golf brings a joy of fun and fulfillment that other sports don't bring.
How do you approach a new course? If i am playing the course blind in a tourney i look at all my options off the tee before making my decision and carefully examine the layout and lines. If i am playing a course i know already then when i walk up to the tee i already know what disc i will be throwing and what line ill be throwing it on. Still carefully examining my surroundings.
What motivates you to continually improve your game? Getting beat by the big names in my state is what makes me strive to be better and play to the level i know i can play at. The other thing that motivates me is the support i have from my 2 kids to always do better and show them no matter what you do you can always be great at something if you give it your all and do your best.
What do you do to stay focused playing in tourneys? Make sure i'm not letting others scores get to me, i always make sure to shut my phone off during my round so i don't have the urge to check the scores on my phone. I always remind myself that I'm here to have fun and play my game and not anyone else's.
What’s your most memorable win? My most memorable win would have to be when i won my first PDGA sanctioned event. I won the fundraiser event at Seatac Disc Golf Course in advanced. Was something i strived for and worked hard for, for a very long time.
What’s your most memorable disc golf moment? When i got invited by the local P.E Teacher to teach and coach disc golf to 400+ students in one day. I got to set them up a 9 hole disc golf course and play one hole with every student and teach them driving and putting basics.
What are your top three favorite discs? Legacy Rampage, Legacy Recluse, Infinite Discs Tomb.
What are your top three courses you have played? Farragut State Park, Leavenworth Golf Course, Tall Firs.
If you could play any course in the world, which would it be? Wildhorse In Las Vegas or Fountain Hills.
Who is your disc golf hero, and how were you influenced be him or her? Ricky Wysocki. Just watching him absolutely shred the course and hit huge putts is just amazing to see. I met him in Tacoma Washington at a Tournament he ran and i got to play a hole with him and he was so high spirited and vibrant and just so encouraging of my game.
Whats in the bag? 2 Gravity/Protege Clozers, 2 Aviar X 3's, 2 tombs, Legacy Recluse, Pinnacle Gauge, Gravity Pursuit, Rival,slab, emporer, outlaw, pharoah, 2 rampages.
What non-disc golf hobbies do you have? Fishing with my kids and Playing video games.
Any superstitions you have before or during a round? I try not to overthink things and just focus on what is in front of me.
What does #NoBadRounds mean to you? Clean Form, Clean Putting, and No Attitude or Anger when you have a bad drive or a missed putt. Simply pick up and carry on to the next hole.
What do you love most about your FlighTowel? The amount of water it takes off your discs and doesn't get soaked instantly so i can use it for the whole round and not just a couple holes. Its also nice for warming up your arm before the round after stretching.
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