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How long have you been playing disc golf?

Learned how to play in 2008. Actively pursuing a consistent round since 2018

How did you get your start in disc golf?

My mom took me out to our local course where I had seen it many times but had never known what it was. Once I put a disc in my hand and saw what was possible, I was hooked.

What do you love most about the sport?

The part I love the absolute most is the family it creates through thousands of people worldwide. Regardless of skill level. If I see you with a disc, you're alright in my books.

What makes disc golf better than the other sports you have played?

The ability to have such a tight knit community and great experience but at the same time how you score ultimately depends on your ability to maintain composure and perform under pressure.

How do you approach a new course?

Either watch and follow the locals or if I'm alone than I will walk each hole before I throw just to see the lines from a different perspective.

What motivates you to continually improve your game?

I have made it my goal to compete at a world level someday and until I have no where left to go, I want to keep pushing myself as far as I can.

What do you do to stay focused playing in tourneys?

Only think about your next shot. The rest will come later

What’s your most memorable win?

I'm still chasing that 1st place win, when it happens you'll know.

What’s your most memorable disc golf moment?

I accidentally threw into a birthday cake in the middle of a giant park in Los Angeles. #frosty

What are your top three favorite discs?

1.  AJ Teebird

2.  S line PD2

3.  Echo Star Roc

What are your top three courses you have played?

According to how I feel about all around experience.

1.  Spinners on the green/Vista del Camino Park - Scottsdale, AZ

2.  Sunset Park DGC - Las Vegas, NV

3.  Waterloo DGC - Lebanon, OR!!

If you could play any course in the world, which would it be?

Still haven't played Milo McIver State Park yet, but it’s on my list. Then this answer might change.

Who is your disc golf hero, and how were you influenced be him or her?

Graham Russell currently on Team MVP. Back when I first learned I had always looked up to him and always pushed myself to throw farther and to better. My first MPO win will be for you buddy. Thank you for giving me the motivation to know I can always do better.

Whats in the bag?

Putters - classic burst warden/harp

Mids - echo star roc, star mako 3, star roc3

Fairway drivers - star teebird, champion firebird, s line fd

Distance drivers- s line Pd2, champion destroyer, star boss, big z nuke

What non-disc golf hobbies do you have?

Skateboarding and coin collecting.

Any superstitions you have before or during a round?

Nothing in my pockets, shoes double knotted, and thanking the universe for allowing me the opportunity to be there in that moment.

What does #NoBadRounds mean to you?

Simply have fun.

What do you love most about your FlighTowel?

I don't have to chase a disc to feel like I just threw my whole bag down the field. Perfect warm-up.

Is there anything else you would like to add to your Team FlighTowel profile?

Keep calm and disc on.


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