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Brady Crawford

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How long have you been playing disc golf?

4 years

How did you get your start in disc golf?

Playing with family.

What do you love most about the sport?

I love how there is always room to improve.

What makes disc golf better than the other sports you have played?

What makes disc golf better for me is the fact that it’s outdoors.

How do you approach a new course?

I try different lines to see what works the best and what line is going to be the highest percentage shot.

What motivates you to continually improve your game?

What motivates me is the improvement I see when I put the time and effort in practice.

What do you do to stay focused playing in tourneys?

I focus on throwing smooth and remembering the good shots and forgetting the bad shots.

What’s your most memorable win?

The Huk for Independence at Hornings Hideout.

What’s your most memorable disc golf moment?

My most memorable moment was when I went to junior world championships in Emporia Kansas.

What are your top three favorite discs?

My favorite discs are Destroyers, Firebirds, and Maidens.

What are your top three courses you have played?

Milo Mciver, Emporia Country Club, and Peter Pan.

If you could play any course in the world, which would it be?

Flip city in Shelby, Michigan

Who is your disc golf hero, and how were you influenced be him or her?

Ricky Wysocki and he has influenced my putting.

Whats in the bag?

Drivers: - 4 destroyers all max weight - 2 swords max weight - 1 havoc max weight - 1 PD Fairway drivers: - 3 Firebirds Max weight - 2 Thunderbirds Mid-ranges; - 1 Emac Truth - 1 Caiman - 1 Roc3 Putters: - 1 Nova - 2 Maidens

What non-disc golf hobbies do you have?

I like archery, hunting, fishing and anything outdoors

Any superstitions you have before or during a round?

I don’t tend to have superstitions about my round.

What does #NoBadRounds mean to you?

No bad rounds to me means stay positive and just have fun no matter what.

What do you love most about your FlighTowel?

The ability to warm-up my shoulder and keep it loose throughout the round without having to throw disc.

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