Asher Cook

Asher Cook
Name Asher Cook
PDGA Number 162647
Division AM
How long have you been playing disc golf? I have been playing disc golf for 3 years.
How did you get your start in disc golf? I was introduced to disc golf when my dad bought some discs and a basket for a Christmas present. Ever since then I've been hooked on the sport.
What do you love most about the sport? Right when I was introduced to disc golf, I was instantly hooked. I fell in love with how the game relies on your decision making, performance, and mental strength. While I enjoy team sports, I really love sports where you are your own team. I also enjoy being outdoors which is another reason why I love disc golf so much. The combination of the competition and environment creates my passion for disc golf.
What makes disc golf better than the other sports you have played? I have played soccer, basketball, football, and baseball. All these sports were fun and produced amazing memories, but for some reason disc golf has pushed me to that next level. I guess it has to do with how the game revolves around your decision making and personal skills.
How do you approach a new course? When I approach a new course, I immediately look at the courses par and the distances for each hole. I then examine if the course is wooded or open, that way I know what discs I want to bag.
What motivates you to continually improve your game? My current goal for disc golf is to improve my performance and overall consistency. I want to be 1000+ rated by next year and be able to challenge the top pros around my area. I also have a huge calling to help grow the sport whether that means talking about it at school, giving people discs, or inviting my friends to tournaments.
What do you do to stay focused playing in tourneys? Tournament play is something many people struggle with. Personally, I feel that tournaments help me stay focused and concentrated on my game. On the other hand, tournament pressure sometimes inhibits me from playing to the best of my ability.
What’s your most memorable win? My most memorable win was winning a DGPT Silver Series at the Open at Belton. It was a great experience and challenged me to continue practicing and getting better at my game.
What’s your most memorable disc golf moment? One of the best moments ever in my life was acing at the 2021 Disc Golf Junior World Championship. It was a crazy experience and I believe I was 1 of only 7 people to ace during the tournament.
What are your top three favorite discs? My top three favorite discs is the Halo Destroyer, Lucid Emac Truth, and Proton Envy.
What are your top three courses you have played? My top three favorite courses I have played is the Country Club in Emporia Kansas, Veterans Park in Arlington Texas, and Coyote DGC in Cedar Hill Texas.
If you could play any course in the world, which would it be? If I could play any course in the world it would be Maple Hill in Massachusetts.
Who is your disc golf hero, and how were you influenced be him or her? My disc golf hero is probably Paul McBeth. The first Disc Golf round I ever watched was when Paul shot a perfect round at the 2018 Great Lakes Open. What a great way to be introduced to the sport!
Whats in the bag? Currently I bag: 5 destroyer's in various stages, 2 thunderbird's, 2 teebird3's, 2 leopard3's, 3 Emac Truth's, 1 pyro, 2 zone's, 2 envy's, and 2 judge's.
What non-disc golf hobbies do you have? Besides disc golf the only hobby I am currently into is rock band. My friends and I started a band a couple years ago and ever since then we have been playing shows throughout the local area!
Any superstitions you have before or during a round? So far I do not have any superstitions before/during a round.
What does #NoBadRounds mean to you? #NoBadRounds means that every disc golf round I play is practice. I believe that practice makes progress so as a result, no round is ever a bad round. Even if you play poorly during a round, you learn valuable information that you can apply for next time.
What do you love most about your FlighTowel? FlighTowel is such a unique company. I love how you guys took something from the game and created such an amazing and useful product that everyone could benefit from. Great company!
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