USUL™ Kneepad - FlighTowel Edition

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At some point during your round, taking a knee to get a clean putt is going to happen.  If you're anything like us, this knee-putt is usually going to involve putting your knee in mud/wet grass/gravel/roots/that one tiny pebble you didn't notice until it was grinding into your kneecap halfway through your putt...  Luckily USUL™ has your back (or knee) when making these unconventional putts! 

By using an USUL™ you give yourself a comfortable base in which to make your kneeling putt from.  This allows you to give 100% of your attention to the putt at hand, it makes a huge difference.  It just happens that each USUL™ is also designed to fit inside a putter or mid range so storing it in your bag or cart is too easy.  At only 1/2" thick it will fit into a variety of discs.  These are crafted by hand by USUL™ right here in the Pacific Northwest, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



NOTE:  Disc not included, but it's an Envy in case you are wondering.  If you haven't thrown one, we highly suggest you do, they are quite amazing.

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