Artist Series - Kustom Staxx

     We like to introduce you to Pat Minjares.  What this man does with dyes is just off the charts cool, once we seen his work we had to do a collaboration with him!  We are honored to offer his amazing art work on our products, please take a minute and check out Pat's story below and visit his website after picking up one of these truly unique FlighTowels.  - FlighTowel


Pat Staxx

"When I first got introduced to this sport 3 years ago I wanted to do something different. I’ve always been one to do my own thing, or have different stuff rather than the norm. So when I got my first discs I wanted to make them different. I started watching YouTube videos, reading articles, talking with some of the oldest players. With me being somewhat of an artsy person, I was determined to find a way to make it work."

"Day in and day out I did trial and errors on tons of discs. It wasn’t until a year and half later I finally mastered what I was looking for in quality colors. 2018 is when we came up with the name “Kustom Staxx” and we spelled it like that to represent Kansas. So our initials reflect that “KS”, all I wanted was to represent Kansas through my brand. This allows me to still be active with art, like when I was younger, and make people happy with it. That’s why I do this, it’s more than just dying discs and money. I like to think it’s a big huge family that continues to grow one disc at a time." - Pat Minjares

  Kustom Staxx   Kustom Staxx  Kustom Staxx
Please visit to see more work done by this amazing disc artist!  #growthesport #smallbusiness #discgolfislife


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