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We like to introduce you to Tobey Markle, owner of Marksman Disc Dyes out of Nash, Oklahoma.  We love the unique dyes that Tobey does, once we saw his work it was evident that we wanted to do a collaboration with him!  We are honored to offer his amazing art work on our products, please take a minute and check out Tobey's story below and visit him on Facebook and Instagram after picking up one of these truly unique FlighTowels. - FlighTowel

Marksman Disc Dyes

"The evolution of Marksman Disc Dyes started very small, and turned into a wild ride. It began at a large tournament, watching people throw money at a raffle trying to win a signature Jeff Ash disc. Having an artistic background myself, I thought this would be a great way for me to help smaller, rural clubs raise course funds. So, it began. To date, Marksman Disc Dyes has donated over 200 custom dyes for prizes, raffles, and CTP's.

    I never thought this would turn into an actual business, wasn't my main intention. But....I never thought I would throw a 1000 rated round either.....but I did. 😁 Dyeing discs allows me to test my abilities, help local clubs, and bring other peoples ideas to life. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey. We are just getting started. I encourage everyone to help their local clubs by assisting in any way you can. Even if it's just picking up trash on the course. Let's grow this sport together. #marksman2020 #flightowel #nobadrounds #smallbusiness - Tobey "Marksman" Markle


Please visit Marksman Disc Dyes on Facebook to see more work done by this amazing disc artist!  #growthesport #smallbusiness #discgolfislife


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